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Classification of Washer Motor
As is known to us, what is the heart of the washing machine, it must be the Washer Motor . Now,I would like to introduce the types of washer motors in washing machines roughly divided into the following categories:

1. Induction motor (self-excited single 220V motor, mostly used in low-end double-barrel semi-automatic, fully automatic washing machine)

2, series motor (common non-frequency low-end washing machine, mid-range drum washing machine)

3, variable frequency motor (change the alternating current frequency to achieve the AC control technology, mostly used in high-end drum washing machine, the washing machine using the motor can adjust the voltage to adjust the speed of the motor washing and dehydration).

4, DD direct drive brushless motor (DD motor, BLDC motor, S-DD) and other types.

(1) DD motor (direct drive motor, changing belt transmission, direct drive with motor, improving washing machine performance, reducing vibration, reducing noise, and saving space)

(2) BLDC motor (brushless DC motor, using Hall control, also need to use belt belt transmission)

(3) S-DD (improved direct drive motor, more energy-saving, less vibration, mainly used in high-end products)

When we buy a washing machine, we often hear ordinary washer motors, but what is the ordinary washer motor? In fact, ordinary motors are just a big classification, including induction motors and series motors. The induction motor is a common single-phase motor with internal capacitance. When such a motor is applied to a washing machine, the number of turns of the primary and secondary windings is the same, and the steering can be completed only by changing the position. The motor has the characteristics of simple structure, high efficiency and convenient use. However, due to the inability to adjust the speed, the starting performance is poor, and it is mostly applied to the washing machine. By changing the windings, the induction motor can also change the different speeds. Such "two-speed" motors are more commonly used in pulsator washing machines because they do not provide a qualified spin-drying speed for the drum washing machine.

Ordinary motors always have a type of motor, which is also in the field of washing machines. It is a series motor. The series motor is small in size, but the power is large, and the noise is relatively large.

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