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What is Animal Crossing: New Horizons?
Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a new version of Animal Crossing released in 2001. This seventh work, released in March 2020, won the 2020 Best Family Game award. This is a single or multiplayer social life simulation game released by Nintendo. Only 6 weeks after the release, the total global sales exceeded 10 million copies, exceeding the cumulative total sales of the previous eight years.

This uninhabited island migration plan opens up a whole new life for players. Go through the procedures from Nook Inc, set up your character information, choose one of the 4 islands to move to, and you can freely choose whether to live in the southern or northern hemisphere. Of course, you bought the island with a loan from Tom Nook. After you finish the previous campfire party, you will start to make money in the game.

Basic events are fishing and catching insects. What's interesting is that life on the island is happening in real-time. Different seasons and festivals will have different objects and animals. The different fish and insect fossils you collect can help you get Animal Crossing Bells to pay for your loan and daily consumption. There will be special activities and game content at special times. You can complete tasks to get Nook Miles, learn various recipes, and buy other things. It is also an in-game currency.

The best way to decorate the island when planting and making can make your island upgrade, with greater value and more valuable. It is also very interesting to grow flowers of various colors, different fruits, and make various life tools. Of course, you can get these things yourself, and you can also Buy ACNH Nook Miles Tickets. You can buy ACNH Items or sell your items to museums and shops.

Come and explore the world with us on the island!
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